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Karim Rashid - New American Landscape


Totem, New York's leading showcase for contemporary design, is proud to present the exhibition "New American Landscapes" by Karim Rashid, the self-proclaimed global nomad who has designed more than 200 objects in the past five years, proving Charles Eames' theorem that good design creates its own market.

The show, taking place at Deitch Projects in Soho with special thanks to Bombay Sapphire, features new product launches by manufactures such as Nienkamper, George Kovacs Lighting, Galerkin, Directional, and Umbra. All products are available at Totem.

Rashid has become one of the world's most vendible designers. The so-called "sensual minimalism" that characterizes his style - the feminine curve of a wooden lamp stand or the optical pleasure embedded in a glass stacking table - is as evident in his polypropylene Umbra waste basket as it is in his award-winning line of sleek alloy products for Nambe, in the Black & Decker workaday snow shovel or his telephone for Sum Moon Star. His particular brand of modernist elegance has generated international buzz, earning him contracts form amongst others Idee, Issey Miyake, Sony and Totem as well as the unofficial title of the design world's hippest jack-of-all-trades.

"Form is much more seductive when the product's aesthetics are experiential, and not just visual," Rashid says, declaring the importance of engaging the senses. Objects have to blur experience with form so that they are inseparable. It means retooling the stuff we live with to suit the way we really live. It means that if we slouch in chairs, we make chairs that let us.

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