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New Brave Glass by SKRUF
Glass is not just glass. It is only in the unique mixture of the components of glass in the melt that one achieves that utterly crystalline sense of living glass. All products are made by hand down to the smallest detail, either mouth-blown by master craftsmen in the glassworks or handmade rim using ancient methods to create a unique and lively feeling.
Claesson, Koivisto, Rune Furniture Design at Totem Tribeca
Totem Design – America’s foremost design driven, education enhanced multi-media forum for good design promoted through it’s showrooms: Totem Tribeca and Totem Soho in Manhattan and includes Totem TV, Totem Magazine and are pleased to announce a collaboration with Marten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune, the Swedish Triumvirate of contemporary design.
Double Dutch 2:D/3:D
An exploration of Graphic and Furniture Design from the Netherlands
Totem brings another inspirational event to the New York design scene. The company was founded in 1997 by David Shearer to explore the meaning that inherently resides behind the best design available to the market through an educational process that focuses not just on objects but on the people and processes behind the design.
Karim Rashid : Online Boutique
Karim Rashid : Online Boutique
Totem will be launching the new Karim Boutique, exclusively at Totem Gallery, featuring products by Bozart Toys, Nambe, Leonardo, Umbra, Acme, Totem, Pure, Magis, and Kovacs.
Totem Design presents a unique collection of basins and tubs by DURAT, Finland. Using an innovative material comprised of roughly 50% recycled plastic by the same name, Durat, designers Ulla Tuominen and Ulla Koskinen create elegant and simple forms for both private and public use.
Digital Paintings by Megan Lang
This series of paintings is an exploration of the computerized brushstroke. The strokes snake their way through the compositions - breaking up space and pulling the eye in and out of the depths of the picture plane.
The Listening Room
The Listening Room Volume 1: Totem Design NYC
The Listening Room Volume 1 at Totem Design release.
Haasprojekt invites you to celebrate the apex of electronics and chaos unveiling a new line of clothing, accessories, and personal items by brent haas and the haasprojekt creative team.
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